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Turn Signal Mirrors for Toyota 4Runner

These mirrors and blinkers are great. The mirrors have clear view that is not distorted like the original that come from the Toyota factory. And they are heated. And the blinkers are bright and I like the motion of the blinker on the outside and on the glass side where it shows an arrow. The factory mirror did not have an arrow showing up on the glass. As a driver, this is one of the best things to start with when you buy from and you will want to buy many more items for your car or truck. Shop once and you will see you will want to return and buy more and more. Here is the link for the mirrors and sequential turn signal lights installed on this 2017 Toyota 4 Runner. You can see the video below. -> Specific mirrors and turn signals used for this video.

4Runner 2014-2023 Led Sequential Turn Signal + With LED Turn Signal Side Heated Mirror Glass Replacement
- greater field of view
- hydrophobic water-shedding
- blue light blocking and harsh-light deadening

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verdict: Awesome!

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