Gary Brackin Photography and Video

Twin Peaks Round Rock knows how to run a restaurant. The girls were super friendly and quite silly, at times. I seem to bring that out in girls. Funny girls are sexy girls. The food was great, the managers were friendly and truly care about their staff. You can tell everybody is happy there. The store was clean and you can have a good good meal and a good time by going. -> So, get to Twin Peaks in Round Rock right now. What are you waiting for? Go there, -NOW!

Miguel Gaines, you and I should talk. So, this was me last week just stopping by. This was with no preparation. Imagine what I can do when we plan shoots and you have me there for events when we have a ready setup.

Go though these images, and I want you to use them in your marketing and promotions. I had wanted to contact you about being there for your Twin Peaks Bikini Car Wash but I just didn't have the time but you should have me in so you and I can talk.

I was in talks to return to Twin Peaks an and official photographer / videographer but when your location was hit by the tornado, I got a call to return to Hooters. And I've been shooting digital billboards that are showing in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. It's a great time of year though, if Twin Peaks needs any summer or bikini-type images and video.

If Justene Vine is still the nation-wide market contact for Twin Peaks, please let her know I am available. Or let anyone you think should know. I'm happy email or set up meetings with anyone who decides promotions or budget.

I used to be a photographer and videographer for Twin Peaks when it was under Front Burner managament. I'm now looking to return, now that Twin Peaks corporate management is under the Fat Brands holdings. I used to shoot live photos and video and had a live-uplink to a locations server and =i would shoot live photos and videos that would be seen in all televisions in the restaurant so all customers had a great seat to see what was goin on.

I have studio lighting I can take on location. So, I do not need your restaurants power. I'm all battery on location. Thank you for your time, Miguel. And do not hesitate to contact me or have any Twin Peaks marketing contact me. [email protected] or cell 512-663.9006.

So, I also do video. My video camera and video skills are way better now but here is an old video that my assistant Ace and I shot. It's old quality. Hire us nowdays and you'll get Twin Peaks girls shot in 12k and 6k with a stabalized gimbal for fly-through videos that can have slow motion. Here's a link to an old video of a Twin Peaks bikini contest from Stassney location in Austin. Twin Peaks - Stassney - Biknin Contest Video

Hey- Faith: Nice Job! This was so fast but we made some great photos and some are just incredible. You have a way of looking sweet and smouldering. You take direction well and I'd have you in front of my lens any day. Thanks, Faith. And Destiny: OMG I wish I had more time. I was just getting my settings right and on the back patio, my goodness, it was pitch black out there. I could barely focus and you got flashes surprising you but anytime you want to shoot, I'm here. And both of you girls, please let your Twin Peaks Girls know about me and any attractive girls you know, have them contact me. I offer referral discounts. ..gary