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Hooters-RoundRock-Lacey Dec 2023

Hooters-RoundRock-Lacey Dec 2023

Lacey- hey, need your phone# for txt or whatever. Send me your number, Lacey.
Thank you so much for being patient. I really am excited to show you these. We only had a very short few minutes to get these ...and I'm really happy 'bout it. You are ridiculously cute and pretty in these and I just wanna yell to you a big thank you. So, "THANK YOU, LACEY!!!"

I can only imagine the Hooters Bikini Calendar tryout photos we do are gonna Rock! -Rawk! And the lingerie pinup will be so sweet and fun. Girls say I'm great at it, but it's not often I see a girl with the right look for me. ...and you do!

So, if ya could do me a favor and tag the photos here you want. There are instructions but basically, click the heart on top of the photo. That let's me know that's one you want. And click the pencil icon to write me things about a specific photo. Your feedback really helps me see what you think, and your thoughts are very important so I can get you more of what you want. The username and password I gave you got you in here. Now, it's just a matter of picking your photos and writing down some comments. Write what you want me to know and then click the SEND button and that will send me an email with all the info and comments you wrote. If you especially ready to help me out, please write a quick quote about my work and how it is working with me. That, I would love. And I'm ready for more fun in all the shoots we do, Lacey. -Fun! -Fun! -Fun! ..gary

So, I may be good looking ..but I'm confused. ...what am supposed to do now, Gary!?
Go ahead and click any photo. A new window will open showing that photo. At the top right, you have options. The TRIANGLE is a SLIDESHOW !!!

So, what's all the hearts and the two circles on all these little photos?
If you love a photo, click the heart and it will turn red. This lets me know you love it. -And girls I need your help. Write me a quote about shooting with me, that I can show HOOTERS to get more work. Tell me something, good. Purty-Puh-leeze! And request me to come to your location!

Click the pencil icon each photo to write me about that photo.
< Do NOT FORGET to click the orange SEND button. so I know what you have to say about a photo. Button." That's how you download the photos. Contact me about any modeling you want to do and ask your manager that I come into your location. We can make it fun and you'll get more tips if you give the customers something to do! Contact me...I usually get back with you the same day.

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