Hooters - Round Rock

Hooters - Round Rock

Hannah and Erin - Hooters Round Rock You didn't know it ..but It was my birthday. And thank you to you both for brightening my day. This was so fast, like 4 minutes. But good job, girls. You rock! And I love silly. Silly is good anytime!

4 minutes, ..surprised myself ...I'm pretty quick with my settings ..This one is a new camera to me after selling 3 of my workhorse cameras. I'm gonna leave these up for a few days so you can download them. Please let me know you got these photos and please leave any feedback. And the more specific about the ones you like, helps me a bunch to know what ya think.

Hannah and Erin: You can download the photos, one by one. -Or you can download the whole zipped file of all these photos, with one click. I also have two links to download the entire set, ..one large version and one is small version of all the photos. You can share this page with friends, too. And I've programmed a slideshow. If ya wanna see them that way, open one of the photos and you'll see a triangle up at the top right. That is the start slideshow play button.

DOWNLOAD: -> Hooters Round Rock -Hannah and Erin -large size - 177mb
DOWNLOAD : -> Hooters Round Rock -Hannah and Erin -medium size - 30mb

So, if either of you girls want to model all you've gotta do is ask...
And puh-leeze! -send any attractive girls girls you know to talk to me ..I do give talent scout finders fees ..especially if it's for publication. And I will do nudes if girls have the right look for publication guidelines. Most are art nudes, clean fresh look, smooth beauty look. And all sessions start with a fashion shoot of your choice, ..or several to begin with. I like variety to get you the most of a fun time.

-Girls, keep going for glamour!

Note to myself: This is just a ToDo list for January 2023 and what I plan doing the first week of the year.
I need some muscle memory practice on this one so I can be just as fast without thinking. That comes with use. I used the crap out of my d850 and the last big job with that camera was the billboards for Bikinis, U.S. company-wide promo photos with girls from each location in each state ...and the calendar shoot with all the girls from Bikinis. I need some rapid shooting with this new camera, where I'm needing to constantly change settings. I need some high speed freeze frame action action shots as well as glamour and beauty. And I've been using a big-rig shoulder cinema video rig for several months. But I need to do some studio videos with. I've got a ton of lights and need to produce some videos for Kineoteknik lighting female models (for the divisions of Burbank, California and the corporate office in the country of Estonia. Kineoteknic has provided me with a constant video light (Practilite 803) to be an ambassador for their lighting company. They will be demonstration videos showing a live behind the scenes video shoot with models where the filming of is shown ..and the final results promo video is shown.

So, I may be good looking ..but I'm confused. ...what am supposed to do now, Gary!?
To download a photo, click to get the large version, and then left click or right click to download it.
There is also an option when the photos is large, to go to the top right icon with the 3 lines and there is an icon to download each photo from there. So, there are options to download the photo, submit your opinions to me, and there is a question mark that might explain how this client response page works. It's for clients to choose the photos they want.

So, what's all the hearts and the two circles on all these little photos?
Well; on ones you want really like, you can click the heart and it will turn red. This lets me know you love it. The two comment circles at the bottom right opens a window so you can write me your thoughts about what you thing about that specific photo. At the top right there is a grey "Submit" button. Click that and it will send me a message with the photos you like and what you wrote...and then you'll get an email back from me ..I usually get back with you the same day.

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