Gary Brackin Photography and Video

So cool of you ladies to have some fun with me. You all did great and you look super lovely. If you're in the RGV, you must come in to Hooters Harlingen. The food is great, everybody is nice and you'll have a great time. You've got tv's to watch ..and the ladies are a joy to be around!

Ladies, right click to download a photo. -And please contact me and let me know you got them, what you think and how I was to work with. I need your help and kind words so I can get more work with Hooters.

And Cindy, thank you so much. If you could contact marketing in Dallas or whomever you think should see these, that would be super nice of you. You can contact me anytime and I would like to have all the girls who want to submit their photos for the calendar to contact me. I'd love to do some beach shoots on South Padre Island. Groups and singles. We could schedule several days of fun!

Please contact Heather in Dallas and let her know what I'm like working with. That would be cool and I'll let everybody know you are doing great as the new GM at Hooter Harlingen. And so is Michelle. Ladies, contact me.

Email me puh-leeze!
[email protected] or send a message directly from the "Contact" link at the top of this website.


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