Hooters Harlingen - Halloween Promo 2023

Hooters Harlingen - Halloween Promo 2023

Hooters Harlingen
Event: Promo for Halloween Dressup Days - 2023

Thank you so much, Cindy (New GM at Harlingen)

Thank you Michelle - (Manager at Harlingen)

I was very happy to meet you both and it's great to have you both being very good at what you do and the girls love you both. And I look forward to seeing you both more often. You really have changed that location to be very friendly and I expect good things from both of your leadership style and your kindness goes a long way. You treat the girls like friends you care about and that is honestly one of the best things you could give them, your friendship.

There is another gallery uploading that is more girls, but in the regular Orange and White Uniform. I think you all did great, ladies ...and maybe you surprised yourself. I look forward to more photoshoots, video shorts, and any other photos or video you need.

You can download a photo one by one, if you click the photo you'll see it go full screen. Then, you can right-click to download it.

The better way to download it to clck the Heart Icon on each photo. And I sure would love to hear what you have to say on each photo. For that, there is a pencil icon you can send. It will let me know which ones you want and I would love if you comment on some of the photos by clicking the Pencil Icon. Nobody will read these, just me.

After you have clicked all the hearts and clicked the pencil and written me a note - Then you can click the large orange button to download all the ones you wanted.

I would love each of you to send me comments on specific photos you choose. And if you would, all of you --Puh-leeze send me a comment about how it was to work with me and the photos we got. I'm returning as a regular photographer and videographer for Hooters and I sure could use some kind words and thoughts from you so i can let marketing in Dallas know they should hire me more. I welcome any GM or manager of any location to contact me for coming to your location. And soon after winter, the bikini tryout photos and pageants will start up again. So, girls book with me so you can get some cute and sexy photos ...and have a fun time ...you'lll be thrilled and busting out lauging when you shoot with me. .gary

So, I may be good looking ..but I'm confused. ...what am supposed to do now, Gary!?
Go ahead and click any photo. A new window will open showing that photo. At the top right, you have options. The TRIANGLE is a SLIDESHOW !!!

So, what's all the hearts and the two circles on all these little photos?
If you love a photo, click the heart and it will turn red. This lets me know you love it. -And girls I need your help. Write me a quote about shooting with me, that I can show HOOTERS to get more work. Tell me something, good. Purty-Puh-leeze! And request me to come to your location!

Click the pencil icon each photo to write me about that photo.
< Do NOT FORGET to click the orange " ~ SEND " button, so I know what you have to say about a photo. Button." That's how you download the photos. Contact me about any modeling you want to do and ask your manager that I come into your location. We can make it fun and you'll get more tips if you give the customers something to do! Contact me...I usually get back with you the same day.

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