Ladies: It’s 2024, …Your modeling portfolios need video.

You want photos and video! – So does everybody! –

If you want to create a professional modeling portfolio; first you’ve got to get with me to have a super fun, sexy, silly, professional, session. Add some short video segments, and you’ll have fun things to show friends and potential model bookings. Do you, being you. Do you, as more of an actress or model showing off clothing or pulling off a look with, showing some ‘tude. You can make this fun for people to hire you. Cumm’on, let’s get you a shoot going with photos and video. And I’m the guy who can do it right. Book me now, for a fun time with great results. …but you’ve gotta have video!

Ladies, book me and I can get you multi-angle camera still and multi-video. Then I splice the videos and photos togather so you can be the actress in your own movie. Plus, you get photos and short segments to share with anybody.

My gear: I shoot stills with a Nikon Z8 and Nikon z9. Videos are created with a Nikon z8, Nikon z9, Blackmagic Ursa 12k and a Blackmagic Pocket 6k Full-Frame. The pocket 6k I use on a gimbal, that is like a gyroscope where I can move and I can move the camera smoothly in other directions as I move. Sometimes I can use the gimbal where it stays still, but the camera will follow you as you move. Such great options we have!

Ladies, you can make it happen. All you’ve gotta do is contact me. ~Fun! ~Fun! ~Fun!


You don’t have to be a model to look like one.

Let me help.

Perhaps, you’ve arrived at my site after you’ve been in front of my cameras. Or maybe you’ve done an internet search for a model photographer and videographer in Austin, TX …and this is your first time here.

If you would like to schedule a professional photo and video shoot with me, all you have to do is ask. I am available for individual sessions and I also work with companies for you do be able to get some great marketing photos and video. I work with first-time models to get them look portfolios and I always suggest that you get short videos to go along with your photos. It’s a great way to show what you look like are and it’s a great way to show your personality. You have a lot of versatility available to you when you book with me.


You are looking at a new server.

I am building a secondary layer for clients who may wish to:

New clients, old clients, Hooters, Events, Bands …you are all welcome to hire me to showcase promotions and marketing.

If you need a livestream for: 
live events, bikini competitions, fashion shows or band livestreams, or any video

…I can do that for you.

I’ll need to know about how many viewers you expect for live video, and the date you need the livestream to be live. …And then I can archive the video and photos for you and host them here. Or I can hand off the results to you and you can use them however you like.

I can license-transfer the footage and photos to you, if you want to own the rights. Then you can use it however you like. That is an extra charge but it is available to you, as I expect most companies or original bands will want. This pertains to original fashion designs and origional music or live events of your company or events. And this policy is to keep your own materials your own, and where you avoid problems using other people’s content you don’t own. So, keep it legit, and we can make sure you get what you need and you can own it if you want to purchase a license or you can purchase a usage license, -if that’s the route you want to take.