Gary Brackin Photography and Video

Gary Brackin is a Videographer in Austin, TX with photo skills.
Actors, Actresses, Female Models, Fashion Runway shows, Bikini Contests. Fitness girls, female swimmers, female athletes me.

January 2023: Video Blow Up: I've scrapped videos that were shot in HD or 4K -> to make way for the NEW VIDEO section of this website.
I want all new videos and I now have professional cinematic video available to clients. Actors and Actresses, wanna make some movies? Female models, you know you have to have video modeling portfolios these days. Even nice 60-second videos to accentuate the stills photos is key to getting the work your want for the styles you want. It's taken me a year to build a 12k video rig on fluid heads with focus handles and motors and an EZrig crane for more dramatic videos. It is unbelievable to see your movie, your event, your staff, your bikini contests, your fashion runway shows, ... shot in high-quality cinema. Even if 4k is your delivery goal, shooting in 12k and delivering in 4k is mindblowing quality, since you're taking 12k image and forcing it into 4k makes the screen noise much much smaller. And that is a good thing, if wowing your audience is what you want. It is is beyond any video you are used to .

People and companies are relying on shooting with their cell phones and they think that's good enough. Well, it's not good enough! 12k off a professional camera with someone like me who knows what they're doing ...blows everything out of the water. You want dramatic, you want luscious, you want cinematic, you want detail and someone to tell your story or replay a live event ...and capture all that hard word you did ...hire me for video and stills.

Video is super important these days.

You need video to compliment your photos , even if you are looking to be a print or photo model. Videos show your personality and what you are like in motion. Fashion models, you need to have a video reel to show. If you would like to have a video produced of your session and a behind the scenes segment, I want to certainly provide you with footage you'll want to share with everyone you know.

With some work, I can kick out versions of your video where as many as 12 versions of a video are correctly and automatically delivered to the viewer. The videos can be seen by most any device: from phones, to tablets, computers, laptops and even televisions or video billboards. You’ll have the ability to show potential model employers, or friends -wherever you are and from whatever devices they choose. Super HighDef 4k versions of your videos are available when you have me on your team. I usually like to deliver 4k at 24fps like the movie theaters but if you are needing broadcast or are wanting to simulcast a bunch if tv's live in one location like during an event. ...then it should be 4k 29.98. But there are lots of options if you want to film live in 120 or 60 fps per second for slow motion or quick action...and take some time making dramatic speed changes in the editing. Then release a 2nd video later ...that is what I would suggest. Best of both worlds is, high-quality big 4k in 23.98 or 24fps for live. And then take time editing something cool with time speed-ramps switching regular speed and drop in some slow motion for effects ...and do all that in probably 6k, 120fps and deliver in 4k, 23.98 or 24fps.

Windowed and full-screen videos are being edited and the site programming has now been revamped for dynamically-scaled content, as the most important section of development on this website right now video.

12k up to 60fps 8k up to 120fps (for super slow motion) 6k up to 120fps (for super slow motion) 4k up to 120fps (for super slow motion)