Gary Brackin Photography and Video
- Austin, TX -


garysFAQ_test Photoshoots start with a session fee of $325 and include internet-quality digital images and some video. Extras are available to you. Extras include: print and digital master quality versions of your images, of photos you select. More-extensive video production and video graphics or model press-kit material and production, I can help you with. You might want a very intensive video press kit or maybe you are needing a model media kit that you maintain and run own your own. It's more work and certainly worth it, if you are looking into getting work as a model.

The ladies I worked with, were very keen. Our fashion buyers bought most of the clothing we sold from 4 fashion hubs : New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and France. So, runway shows, trunk boutique marketing events and lingerie fashion shows were something I just had to get rolling in Austin. Back then it producing the events, helping cordingate the wardrobe and event and store sets. And back then, it was shooting slide film for catalog and in-store display. And back then we produced fashion shows in conjunction the Omni Hotel where we put the first fashion show events in motion for Austin, TX. I used to run a studio on 4th and Congress, where the Frost Bank tower now sits. Just know: I have the skill, knowledge and experience and I will try hard to do whatever it takes to get great photos. You want to look the best you have ever looked. I want you to look the best you have ever looked. You don't have to be a model to look like one.

If you have someone who is very good with makeup, you can bring her. You are welcome to do your own makeup, if you prefer. But I strongly suggest you try the professional makeup artist I provide for our photos. There are times when models are hired and I'm hired, and they will bring on their own makeup artist. Makeup for photography and film is very different from makeup women are used to using every day. And that's why I suggest you use a MUA that is specific use for photos and video. I've done makeup and hair on many of my shoots and I still think it's a great compliment when models or potential clients say they love the makeup. But when you shoot with me I have so much to do and I'm busy helping you pose and developing the set and mood, that I really prefer letting a pro do your makeup. The time is yours and you have me however you like since I don't believe in charging per look like most photographers. When you work with me you are free to bring as much or as little wardrobe as you want. And I think if it's for a model development session, you need to have as many outfit changes as I have for lighting styles. Girls are thrilled when I mix and match their favorite things the way I do. And it's something I love doing. And even with nudes, it's not how many moods or lighting styles we do. Every girl should have a variety to maximize our time together. I have a background as an art director for female fashion, styling, marketing and set design. I produced some of the earlier runway and boutique fashion shows back when I was shooting slide-film and had a studio on 4th and Congress when no other fashion boutiques in Austin were.

Use the contact button above to start some conversation about how you would like to get in front of my cameras and your intended purpose for the photoshoot and the format you would like our images to be fulfilled.

-Girls, keep going for glamour!