Gary Brackin Photography and Video


Galleries are organized by style. Often a model will fill an entire gallery by herself until she narrows down her selection of photos from the session. Often these galleries are alphabetically arranged by the girls first name; or if how she prefers, by her alias. Within each girl's gallery, there may be several styles. And I'll pull my selected edited photos out and move them into the published area groups. There is one gallery that is a collective of NUDES. Clearly, I believe that the human female form is the most beautiful thing in the entire world. Some people like sunsets, some people like food photos. For me I have a healthy appreciation for the female form. To me, I think there is nothing more beautiful than a happy confident woman. And a woman who has a healthy ego and is proud of her looks, and all the things that make her unique ~Well, that is just the way it should be.

-Girls, keep going for glamour!